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Brown v B2B Bank 

Class Action

Claims Administration

For members of the group who did not file a claim for the purposes of the 1st distribution in 2019, you have until June 25, 2021 to file your claim for the purposes of the 2nd distribution

Description of the Group (1)


"All those natural persons, and legal persons with less than fifty (50) employees, who have made various investments proposed to them by Marc Jemus, François Roy and/or Robert Primeau, and/or through them, and/or in or through companies related to one of them, in the years 2001 to 2005 inclusively. "


(1): Per par. 7 of the Amended Motion to Institute Proceedings dated June 2, 2015.

For additional information:


Telephone: 514 664-4747, ext. 200

Process to file your claim


Click on the icon to read the claim protocol


Click on the icon to open the claim form



Click on the icon to open the document deposit box and click on "Upload" to deposit your completed claim form and supporting documents.


*** It is very important to insert your name in the name of each of the documents that you deposit so that we can identify them.


Ex. John Doe - 2001 Statement of account - XYZ Investments.pdf


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