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LMD offers computer forensic services through experienced IT experts, who can:

  • Collect evidence on hard disks, tapes and other digital media in compliance with the laws and rules of evidence

  • Retrieve and save electronic data for analysis wherever it may be, including in some cases data that may have been deleted


  • Conduct computer investigations and other analyzes of collected data


  • Testifying as expert witnesses in court when required



LMD offers access to a Cloud Computing solution that relies on new advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics.


This technology platform allows a near-instantaneous analysis of your financial data (historical or current) by running various statistical analysis techniques to identify unauthorized activities ("pattern recognition") in order to help organizations of all sizes save time and money, whether it's investigating past activities, detecting current inadmissible behaviour or preventing a possible transgression.


With this technology, we can load your data quickly to understand better what is happening and focus our efforts on the problematic aspects of your operations. There is nothing to install, no instructions or script to write. Simply load your financial data into the system, and it will automatically detect its structure, eliminating the need to map your accounting data. From there, the system relies on its analytics platform to process your data and produce an easy-to-understand dashboard.


The system takes advantage of advanced analytical techniques that detect problems that humans can not detect. A recurring problem we have with conventional tools is that the results they generate are not easy to understand for professionals who do not have technical training. This platform makes use of ordinary language and uses data visualization techniques to explain its findings in a simple and easy to understand manner. No prior knowledge of statistical theory or data analytics is required. This technology allows professionals without technical training to easily enjoy the power of data analytics with little or no training. The system saves time, improves the quality of results and reduces the risk of missing potential problems.

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