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Investigations: Fraud and other Financial Irregularities

Uncovering fraud is never a happy moment for any organization. What to do? What are the steps to follow when you discover the presence of fraud or irregularities? What to do to avoid causing further harm to the organization, tarnishing people's reputation or tainting the evidence? Is the documentary evidence available adequate and sufficient? Was it obtained or collected in compliance with the applicable law? Do you have insurance coverage against employee dishonesty? Should you file complaints with law enforcement? Should you initiate civil proceedings to seek redress?


The answers to these questions could have a significant impact on the immediate actions organizations must take and on the ensuing forensic investigation.  


At LMD, whether in a civil, penal, criminal or administrative context, we have extensive experience investigating fraud and other financial crimes. We understand the need to respond diligently to the many urgent issues that arise in situations like this as well as to the needs of our clients,  with particular attention to:

  • Confidentiality

  • Protection of assets

  • Protection of reputations

  • Protection of evidence

At the request of our clients or their lawyers, we investigate allegations or suspicions of irregularities, fraud, corruption or other financial crimes or illegal practices. In the majority of cases, the purpose of these investigations is to confirm whether irregularities have indeed occurred, to establish the facts and circumstances, to collect testimonies and documentary evidence and to assess the damages, as the case may be.


At LMD we have extensive experience in conducting investigations of this nature, including conducting interviews with witnesses, interrogations of suspects, orderly search of workplaces where authorized, taking written statements, writing investigative reports destined to management, law enforcement, the courts or insurance companies. We are also called to testify regularly before the civil, criminal or administrative courts as expert witnesses or witnesses of fact.


Our services are retained in a wide variety of situations, including the following:

  • Misappropriation of funds

  • Kickbacks and secret commissions

  • Forgery and use of false documents

  • False invoices

  • Product substitution

  • Manipulation of calls for tenders and bids

  • Fraudulent expense claims

  • Fraudulent insurance claims

  • Theft of Intellectual property

  • Breach of trust, conflicts of interest 

  • Anti-money laundering

Our professionals have the expertise sought by lawyers to assist in the preparation and execution of Anton Piller, Norwich and Mareva orders and other protective measures. We also assist law enforcement to obtain and execute search warrants.

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