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Class Action Brown v B2B Bank: LMD named Claims Administrator

LMD named claim administrator in the Brown v B2B Bank class action

Lepage Marcil David Forensic Accountants Inc. ("LMD") has been appointed Claims Administrator for the purposes of the Brown v B2B Bank class action, per a judgement rendered by the Honorable Michel Déziel S.C.J. on November 5, 2018, (Quebec Superior Court, Hull District, No. 550-06-000026-113 and No. 550-06-000024-068) .

For more information concerning the claims process, please visit our web page dedicated to this issue.

Luc Marcil, LL.L., CPA, CA, CA●IFA, CFF

Managing Director

Telephone: 514 664-4747, ext. 200


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