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Business Insurance Claims

We assist companies that have sustained interruption of business as a result of an insurable event, such as a fire or water damages, to obtain a fair and just settlement from their Insurers.

We first review the insurance policy and its definitions to determine the applicable coverage.  This review will also determine the length of the indemnity period and, if applicable, the coinsurance ratio.

Subsequently, we proceed with the estimation of the claimed financial losses, such as :


  • Loss of profits


  • Extra expenses


  • Ordinary payroll


  • Unincurred expenses


  • Stock losses


Our services typically include the following :


  • Analysis of the financial statements, budgets and accounting records


  • Interviews with key personnel


  • Preparation of financial projections during the indemnity period


  • Comparison between the financial projections and the actual results


  • Preparation of an expert report


  • Assistance during the settlement process


Furthermore, we calculate the financial losses sustained by companies in the following cases :


  • Employee dishonesty


  • Theft of merchandise/inventory

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