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Litigation Support

Whether you are a plaintiff, a defendant or an impleaded party in the context of civil, penal or administrative proceedings, mediation or arbitration, LMD can assist you at every step of the process.

More specifically, we can assist you in several aspects of your case, including:

  • Identifying the financial records and other documentation required for your case

  • Drafting arguments in support of motions to produce documentation and testifying in this respect in the context of debates over objections to produce

  • Drafting questions of a financial nature to be submitted to the opposing expert or other parties for examinations before or during the trial

  • Preparing memoranda, calculations and schedules for negotiation purposes

  • Quantifying your damages, loss of profits, out-of-pocket expenses, notional income or net worth

  • Drafting  a critique of the opposing party’s expert report

  • Drafting an expert report and providing expert testimony

Our services are generally retained to produce expert reports, critiques of opposing expert reports or counter-expertises. We can also assist lawyers to understand the financial aspects of their cases better.


We have extensive experience as experts for either party or as a common expert for the court, in various fields, including:

  • Contract law - Breach of contract

  • Tort law

  • Class actions

  • Intellectual property law

  • Matrimonial law

  • Labour law

  • Insurance law

  • Competition law

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Product warranty and liability

  • Professional negligence

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